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The Molting Process

蚕的一生 蚕的科普知识


蚕的一生经历了由五次脱皮到结茧变蛹,再到破茧成蝶的蜕变过程,在这过程中蚕有作茧自缚的勇气,更有破茧成蝶的生命智慧。 SILK STUDIO丝情画奕用破茧成蝶的智慧去颠覆传统丝绸概念,创造了时尚个性的丝绸奢雅之品。

During the molting process, the silkworm caterpillar grows bigger and bigger feeding on mulberry leaves going through four molts. It spins a cocoon, of silk threads, for protection as it transitions from a larva into a pupa before eventually breaking free from the cocoon as a moth. The transition from larva to pupa into a moth is a journey. This progression is echoed in the design and creation of the fashionable and elegant silk products in the Silk Studio.

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