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SILK STUDIO丝情画奕将中国传统的丝绸手工制作工艺和现代时尚个性定制相结合,你可以在SILK STUDIO丝情画奕丝绸手工定制体验馆里探寻中国古代从养蚕、结茧、抽丝到丝绸织造的趣味,体验神秘的天然草木染和个性手绘定制丝巾的手工慢生活。


The Silk Studio combines traditional silk techniques with today’s fashion trend for personalization. At the Silk Studio it is possible to explore the ancient Chinese tradition of breeding silk worms and to follow the process from cocoons to spinning and ultimately silk weaving. It is possible to also take part in natural dying and silk painting on scarves. •1 square metre of silk fabric = 720,000 metres of silk thread or 600 cocoons. •One silk worm = one cocoon •15000 mulberry leaves = 15 square metres of a mulberry field.

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