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Being graceful

奕苏州 奕上海

SILK STUDI奕欧来苏州店Silk Studio at Suzhou Village
SILK STUDIO丝情画奕苏州是延承苏州千年“丝绸之府”的丝绸文化发展脉路来定位。苏绣、宋锦丝绸织造技艺已位于世界非物质文化遗产保护之列,silkstudio以此为责任,把苏绣、缂丝、宋锦的技艺运用在新设计的丝绸产品上进行文化传承。

The Silk Studio in Suzhou is rooted in the 1000 year history of Suzhou as the the home of silk. Indeed, Suzhou embroidery from the Song Dynasty and the brocade from this period is part of the World’s cultural heritage. The Silk Studio is committed to applying Suzhou KUsoo Embroidery techniques to new silk product designs as a means of supporting China’s cultural heritage.

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